GROUP: BUILDING HEALTHIER FAMILIES                                                                                                                                            

Date: Week Group 

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Every Saturday

Group Counseling:   If you often find yourself saying, “My child is driving me absolutely crazy!” then this group is for you.  Parenting children and teenagers can be challenging and busy parents can often find themselves exhausted and at their wits end.  Adolescence can be a very trying time for both you and your teenager.  Teens are experiencing many physical and emotional changes such as mild mood swings while others display more serious acting out behaviors (i.e., running away, alcohol/drug use, poor school attendance and performance, family conflict, violence, sexual acting out, “sexting”, gangs and other criminal behaviors, etc.).  This group will offer Counseling to caregivers struggling with managing children or teens with psychological, emotional, and behavioral challenges related to life issues.  You will be provided with skills and strategies.    

Focus Audience: Mothers, Fathers, Foster Parents, Grand Parents, and Adoptive Parents.

Goal: “Building a stronger family by empowering caregivers who parent difficult children & teenagers.”


  • Identify what “has” or “has not” worked with your parenting style.
  • Provide parents with alternative ways to problem solve.
  • Creating a more resilient family by learning skills and strategies.

Reduction in (Family Conflict, Juvenile Crime, Teen Alcohol & Drug use, and Recidivism) and Improved School Attendance and Performance, Strengthening the Family Unit, Prevention of Teen Pregnancy, and a Significant Increase in Parent Involvement”.

Group: 8 Sessions (1 ½ hr.)  

  • Check-In (15 mins)                                       
  • Address the topic (15 mins)                                   
  • Discuss skill/strategy (15 mins)                             
  • Practice skill/strategy (30 mins)
  • Check-out: Mindfulness Activity/Wrap-up/Questions (15 mins)].


Session 1: Intro to Group, Individual Goal, “Rules of the Game”.
Session 2: Let’s Dance: “Limits Setting”.
Session 3: Work with Me: “Cooperation”.                                               
Session 4: Problem Solving
Session 5: Consequences
Session 6: Parenting Children/Teens with Behavioral Challenges
Session 7: Handling Situations (i.e., homework, chores, dating, social media, cell phones, etc.).
Session 8: Preparing for Change: “Making a Difference” Grow through, what you go through!   

Sometimes it’s helpful & comforting just knowing that other parents dealing with children & teens are having the same struggles as you!

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